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DPPL is a multi purpose bulk fine chemicals facility and can handle reactions like hydrogenation, methylation, reduction, oxidation, trans-estrification, dehydrogenation, condensation, decardoxylation, amination etc., dedicated equipment and production blocks are separated for each product to avoid the cross contamination.

It has services for cooling with nitrogen, brine, cool water, heating with thermal oil or steam, 10% standby power, warehouse & bulk solvent storage tank farms.

We are the Research and Development center and a well equipped quality control laboratories and an elaborate quality assurance and training center.

Effluent treatment Plant (ETP) with latest equipment like aerators, clarifiers, air blowers and solar evaporation, forced evaporation etc., handles liquid effluents and treats them chemically and biologically (aerobic & anaerobic) to the specified standards. Incineration is available to treat solids, liquids and gases.